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Paint Booth Maintenance & FiltersNorth Willow Contracting provides a variety of paint booth maintenance services and filters for body shops and prep stations. A properly functioning paint booth is a vital part of any body shop that works on repairing and restoring automobiles. A properly maintained paint booth can mean the difference between success and failure.

Paint booths aren’t just simple metal boxes where refinishing goes on. Today’s Paint booths are technologically advanced and sophisticated pieces of equipment.

We can help you with your paint booth maintenance & filters!

Automotive Paint Booth Maintenance & Filter Services





Floor Pit Paint Debris Removal

  • Reduces the amount of dust particles recycled into the ceiling filters.
  • Increases air flow and the longevity of the filters.
floor grate after

floor grate after

floor grate before

floor grate before

Floor Grate Maintenance

  • The removal of paint debris and build up.
  • Reduce dust and larger particles from the air.
  • Increases airflow through grates.




Filtration System Maintenance – Is your most important one!

  • Filter removal and replacement service.
  • Your best defense when it comes to dirt.
  • An imbalanced or inefficient booth filtration system can quickly ruin your investment in labor and materials.

Exhaust Filter Program – set it up today!


exhaust-blower-after2 exhaust-blower-before2Exhaust Blower Maintenance

  • The removal of collected debris increase of the CFMs.
  • Properly maintained blowers eliminate harmful VOCs and fine dust particles from the air faster.
  • Less time is spent buffing and sanding.
  • Extends the life of your blower fan.

damper after


damper before

Damper Maintenance

  • The removal of collected debris increase intake and exhaust flow.
  • Malfunctioning dampers create a negative air flow balance.
  • Damper neglect can even result in spray booth shut down.




Walls & Glass

  • The removal of over spray from the walls and inside glass.
Other Services Offered

  • Apply clear, washable booth coating.
  • Striping floors.
  • Door repair and maintenance.
  • Motor bearings.
  • Blower and damper replacement.
  • Heat ex-changer maintenance.
  • Belt replacement.
  • Bulbs, ballasts, and lighting system products and maintenance.
  • Paint booth painting service.

Preventative Maintenance Avoids Expensive Shop Shut Downs, Extends the life of the Ceiling Filters, Returns the Paint Booths Air Flow to the Original CFMs.


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